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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  September 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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media. >> reporter: he made the comments during the presentation about what they can and cannot wear and never mentioned the dress code for boys or girls. >> as soon as it happened she was suspended obviously. she got really mad and stormed to the office and wanted to file a complaint. >> reporter: the principal said they received complaints from four girls. he denies that they singled out specific students. >> he made a gesture at that point in time and the gesture made it seem to show that he was being singled out. >> reporter: school officials are taking a strict look at their protocols to make sure they know what is plop -- proper attire. >> i want to ensure that every student knows that they are heard that we are taking precautions as much as possible to make sure that this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: the post has blown up on social media with the majority of comments supporting the teen. >> i don't do anything to
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violate the dress code in any way and that i would still create offense to it. how could you single out only the girls and not even mention the guys? >> the principal told us that the vice principal could face disciplinary action pending the outcome of their internal investigation. >> is there a dress code at college park high school? >> the girl claims she was following dress code when she made that post. but when we asked the principal what the rules are, he said that at any high school it is open to interpretation that he did not specifically comment on that girl's outfit. >> we don't know if there is something in writing that the kids know and that they know what to follow? >> yeah, there is something in writing and they mentioned that right now they're trying to crack down on the dress code and become more strict about what they can and cannot wear when we tried to ask the principal exactly what that is, it was a very big comment. we are open to interpretation. >> thanks, cristina. there are major new developments tonight in the police sex scandal involving a teenage girl from the east bay.
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the alameda county district's attorney is now deciding to bring criminal charges against several current or former law enforcement officers including five from oakland. ktvu paul chambers was at the da's news conference earlier today in our newsroom with the story now. >> reporter: heather, this is one of the biggest misconduct cases for years. today they announced that they plan to file criminal charges against the law enforcement officers, that it happened with the self-proclaimed sex worker in the name of celeste guap. >> and for those who are accused that they are entitled to have a trial within 45 days. >> a three-month investigation has come to an end for the district attorney's office, resulting in what some are calling a black eye on the bay area law enforcement officers. >> that there are those police officers here in oakland. and that this is a handful of the people that have brought shame on that department. >> reporter: alameda county district attorney spoke of the sexual misconduct, involving the multiple law enforcement agencies all over the bay area.
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they had involvement with the teenage sex worker who went by the name of celeste guap. in some cases, it is alleged that the officer had sexual acts with her while she was a minor. o'malley who referred to guap as miss a says that she is a victim and says that there are seven officers in all named in the investigation. >> the officers that we show, that they are engaged in sexual misconduct with her and that they are the officers that we will be prosecuting. >> reporter: and one former contra costa sheriff deputy. some of the misdemeanor charges include engaging in a lewd act in a public place. engaging an act of prostitution, and knowingly and without permission in conducting a search of official criminal justice data and computer system without an authorized purpose. wednesday mayor libby schaaf held a press conference where the city issued a notice of intent to discipline 12 officers. four were recommended for
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termination, which we learned that some of these officers are no longer with the force. seven officers are facing suspension without pay. and one officer will receive counseling and training. for now guap is in florida, but they believe that she'll return to the bay to help with their case. >> it is our expectation and in our communications with miss a, that she'll be coming into court to testify against the officers in the cases. >> and now it is important to note that they have not been charged. because according to o'malley, guap needs to be in town to let that happen. they show other incident -- instances may have happened in san joaquin county. but since they were outside alameda county that they would have no say in those cases. >> all right, paul chambers in our newsroom, thank you. the victim is waiting to see if she will be charged in connection to the alleged assault at the rehab facility in florida. guap is accused of attacking and inviting the security guard there. she's been held in a florida jail on an aggravated assault
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charge for almost two weeks now. the city council is considering a tough new go law for the city. that the proposed law would tighten their requirements for buying guns and report handgun they are stolen. they would also require the gun stores to require all ammunition sales in an electronic log. critics say that this is impractical, hard to enforce, and it will not stop violent crime. if approved by the san jose city council that they would join oakland, san francisco, and sunnyvale as cities with local gun control laws. and now to the very latest developments in the bruce miller case the former 49er appearing in a san francisco courtroom today where his arraignment was put off until november, the month of november. miller is facing seven felony counts for an altercation at a fisherman wharf's hotel this week. prosecutors say he tried to enter the occupied room getting into a fight with the 70-year- old man and his 29-year-old son. miller was drunk at the time seen here on surveillance video
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afterwards, appearing bloodied and disoriented. the district attorney was asked about miller's state of mind. >> and this is another one of those investigations, no toxicology reports. but we need to remember that the new york times -- when there are times for this particular case and the assaults occurred. the signs that he was intoxicated that it is an issue, but that he was assaulted, that they would show that he is intoxicated. >> and miller told reporters that he is not at liberty to comment on the case. the 49ers would release him just hours after this incident. police are hoping to talk to a man seen on surveys ran sur -- surveillance video. showing the man here in dark clothing. police want to know who he is and to ask him about what happened in late july on willow and sherman streets where 30- year-old david moglen was shot
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to death in a street robbery, a well respected economic professor of foothills college in los altos. he leaves behind his wife and three children. >> they are underway for the pregnant woman and her unborn baby who were both killed at the shooting on monday. we want to show you that video in just the past half hour. ilaysia mccoy was seven months pregnant. police say mccoy was shot during the fight involving friends and the father of her unborn child. two people have been arrested. and the bay area peace keepers, they tell us that mccoy has been involved in that group since eighth grade. many community leaders are all attending the vigil. they just finished putting out the remaining hot spots after the house caught fire in lafayette this afternoon. contra costa fire department was called up to the home on betty lane just off the road. and around 1:00, crews say that smoke and flames were visible from the front door and where they would arrive on the scene, two people were inside that home. and they also located just
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one person who was suffering from the smoke inhalation and another person suffering minor burns. and we spoke to them at the hospital as the person that was treated and released here on scene. >> the fire marshal says that the home is a total loss and that the fire is under investigation. two people were injured at the community college in fairfield today when a car plowed right into a portable classroom there. it happened at 9:00 this morning. the community college, police say that the male driver suffered some sort of medical emergency and that they swerved right into the building. the classroom was filled with students, all taking a math test at the time. seven people including the driver of the car, they were all taken to the hospital. one of the students was trapped between the car and a wall, we are told that fridays on campus, they aren't as crowded as other days as bad as this was that it could have been a whole lot worse. protesters were arrested today for blocking the
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ambulance -- entrance to the alameda training source where law enforcement is taking place. >> we're going to ask folks to make a half moon. facing our resistance. >> now the protesters say that this event furthers the militarization of local police departments. inside the vendor expo, officers were checking out weapons and equipment including everything from drones to state of the art body-worn cameras. this weekend the s.w.a.t. teams from 36 police departments from across the country will be competing in various exercises as they would train for disasters and terrorist attacks. the alameda county sheriff says that there is no substitute for the real-life training. >> you have to bring the proper equipment and that you need to have a ballistic vest and vehicle. that means you have to have certain weapons to match that terrorist. otherwise you'll be killed, so it is for safety. >> reporter: today'sdemonstration -- demonstrators were a part of the group to stop the annual event, which is hosted bit
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alameda county sheriff's office. this afternoon during the 4:00 on 2 i spoke to nathaniel moore a member of the coalition who organized today's demonstrations. today's mobilization, that it was a strong message that alameda county and the people in the bay area that they are not in support of this training. we think that the money that is invested in this event that it could be much better used in mental health preparedness, actual disaster relief and different community programs beyond just arming our police. >> and moore went on to say he believes that programs like urban shield encourage police to treat members of the community like terrorists. and not human beings. law enforcement though argue that the training is critical for emergency preparedness. a bill on governor jerry brown says that they will give them plenty of time serving the right to vote. coming up in 20 minutes now that change could impact elections. as the race for the white house continues to tighten, donald trump doubles down on his push for a temporary ban on
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muslims in syria. and they will dial in to the bay area on saturday and sunday. and later new developments in the massive emission scandal that will be involving volkswagen and why one engineer has plead guilty coming your way.
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one of facebook's co- founders is donating $20 million to help the democrats and specifically hillary clinton.
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come that november election, that the post was compelled to act in saying it is the first time he and his wife have endorsed that candidate or contributed to the presidential campaign. saying that he is throwing his support behind clinton because if trump wins that the country will fall backward and become more isolated from the global community. meanwhile the first ballots of the 2016 general election are now being cast as early voting began today in north carolina. fox news correspondent joel waldman has been telling us that the race for the white house is tightening up. >> reporter: after a discal august with insulting the parents of a muslim american war hero, it appears that donald trump is narrowing the gap against hillary clinton, particularly in key swing states. but the republican nominee, who recently has been pushing policies over picking fights is still fating an uphill battle. >> you've got to change some of their tone and that we're starting to see them put the
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real policies and their positions on out there. and that it will be sort of reaching out to say hey that i'm just not blundered about it. they show them leading in ohio while tied with hillary clinton in florida and that the democratic nominee will be remaining ahead by low single digits in pennsylvania and north carolina with the razor- thin margin that will be separating the two. that they are announcing the number of the retired generals and the admirables, supporting his campaign, rising up to 120. as he traveled to washington today to meet with the conservative grass roots activists. >> now, imagine what our country could accomplish if we started to work together as one people under one god saluting one flag. >> reporter: hillary clinton with 110 military leaders on her side, meeting today with a bipartisan group of experts on the national security issues and the terrorism in new york city. >> national security experts on both sides of the aisle. that they are chilled by what
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they are hearing from the republican nominee. >> hillary clinton is being urged by democrats including vice president joe biden to be more open. plans to visit the 9/11 memorial on the 15th anniversary of the attacks this sunday. in washington joel waldman foxnews. it has been a day of fast growing movements over the pipeline being built in north dakota entering other states. today a federal judge denied that request by the standing group to temporarily stop construction of that nearly $4 billion dakota access pipeline. afterwards federal authorities asked the company to voluntarily pause construction in order to review the permits. the suit says that it will harm their water supply and destroy sacred native american sites. >> we have provided evidence on friday of sacred sites directly in their route. by saturday morning those sites have been destroyed.
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>> the protest started with just a dozen protesters this past spring. now more than 200 tribes are rallying behind the standing suit. the pipeline company transferred partners and they have not commented on the ruling or the government request for that construction pause. all right, we are going to take you outside now on a friday night. and take a beautiful picture of oakland where everyone down below is saying that thank god it is friday, bill. >> yeah. for your weekend that it will be nice you guys. we will be taking a look at what you saw today. these are the highs that we would have today. 78 in napa and 78 in south vallejo and almost 90 in fairfield. and those numbers today, that is where they were yesterday with a big drop off yesterday in temperatures. temperatures will be dropping 15 to 20, 20 degrees in some places from the day before. that it would have been wednesday. and now we're into this pattern that it will be holding real true tomorrow. what we have here today, we will get tomorrow and even the fog. that will be laying it out for you. then on saturday or sunday, things will be changing around, pretty significantly and it will be a completely different
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weather pattern that will be taking us into next week. in the meantime you've got tomorrow and the fog right now. you've got that all throughout the city to go into san francisco nights. that it will be kind of backed up right now. but that the fog, you'll need those jackets if you're going to the city to come in from berkeley or alameda. 80 right now in concord. 82 in fairfield. it is feeling like fall out there. nights are getting longer. and the fog here, there it is, that you've got a lot of it pushing into tonight and tomorrow morning and all nine bay area counties, they'll have some dose of fog. the forecast here, the temperature map, those temperatures are 70s, you know, 80s, the reds are nice. but the temperature footprint, it is the takeaway here with a cool coast. mild right around the bay. warm in the inland valleys. and i wouldn't say hot until you get deep into the sacramento valley area. temperatures tomorrow are a lot like today. that means that most of the hot spots in the upper 80s with a fewer 90s. around the bay it is 70 pretty much. it will leave redwood city,
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maybe upper 70s for fremont. that is tomorrow. when i come back, i will talk about that significant cool down that will be showing up on sunday through the rest of next week. >> all right, thank you, bill. well it has been a year now since that deadly butte fire. a fire that burned 71,000 acres destroyed 550 homes, and blamed for the deaths of two people. john and janet kramer remember that fire all too well. the two were out of town as they got a call from a neighbor. 20 minutes later flames nearly 100 feet high were right outside their kitchen window. >> i felt this tremendous heat, more heat than you could ever possibly imagine. and i prayed. >> and now the couple was able to rebuild this house thanks to a neighbor who came out of retirement in order to help. but the two say that they are now having difficulty with insurance. an emergency fund in the bay bridge is running low on cash. the fund reportedly contained
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about $900 million when it was created back in 2005, but according to the chronicle, a lot of that money has been used up. only about $68 million remains. the money was apparently spent on a variety of problems and repairs on the new bridge including that infamous eroded rods in the new eastern span. if more money is needed it could mean higher tolls. at this point they say that they would have no plans to raise the tolls. well more zika concerns tonight. the actions being taken as lawmakers continue funding against the fight on the virus. and the dodgers and the a's are back on the mound making their first start. scott reese will have -- scott reiss will have your update and more coming up. also caught in a recall. general motor -- the model that general motors is now pulling from their dealerships.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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fear about the spread of the zika virus is prompting some cities in florida to take matters into their own hands. in miami, for example they began aerial spraying to combat mosquitoes carrying the virus. video of a plane releasing the insecticide spray over the atlantic ocean just before dawn today. we'll get you that video in a moment. there is some controversy over the amounts and types of chemicals used. but the majority of the people in miami say that they support the spraying. >> unfortunately i think that it is a necessary thing to do. if it is going to get rid of the mosquito that it is going to affect unborn infants, i'm
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sorry, it needs to be done. i don't like it, but i think it's a better alternative than not spraying. >> officials in miami maintained the low concentrations of the spray are not harmful to people. new developments involving the massive emission scandal involving volkswagen. in and out volkswagen engineer has pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy in the company's missions cheating scandal. james lang entered his plea in court and federal court in detroit. vw is accused of falsifying the pollution tests to make vehicles appear to run cleaner than what they actually do. and an investigation revealed that the cars would pump out as much as 40 times the allowed level of nitrogen oxsides once on the road -- oxides once on the road. the 2014 and 2017 model years, including cars from
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buick, chevrolet, gmc, and cadillac. they say that the software program can prevent the front air bag from inflating during the crash. they say that it is linked to at least one death and three injuries. ford meanwhile is stepping into the future of the company, buying the app base shuttle service chariot. it is based in san francisco and currently operates 100- passenger vans. they plan to expand that service to five more cities over the next year. automakers are also partnering with the bike share company motive with plans to build a bike fleet of 7,000 bikes in the city by the year of 2018. the u.s. consumer product safety commission, they are urging owners of the new samsung galaxy note 7 phone to turn them off and leave them off. and that they will launch an official recall as soon as possible. they have begun a voluntary recall of the phone and because that their batteries will pose a risk of catching fire and exploding. more than 35 incidents have
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been reported including a florida man who says that the jeep caught fire after he started to charge his iphone. his phone rather. in the meantime faa is strongly advising passengers not to turn on these types of phones or charge them while on planes. affecting the outcome of the elections. coming up next, the bill that could give voting rights to felons serving time in county jail. plus. well, a year later, 9/11 happens. and that it is truly affecting me because now i'm in the front line clearly. >> and it was an event that many would not forget. up next the challenge for educators on how to make september 11 relatable to young kids.
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the vice president made inappropriate comments about a student's outfit in front of hundreds of her peers. the girl posted about the incident on instagram. the vice president was speaking to -- the vice principal was speaking to about 300 students, only addressing the girls, not the boys. the school officials deny that the vice principal made allegations. an investigation is underway. several current and former law enforcement officers will
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be facing charges in a sexual scandal. one from oakland, one from livermore and one from the contra costa. now this scandal first surfaced last year when the teen who calls herself celeste guap claimed is that she had sex with about 30 law enforcement officers and that some of those encounters happened while she was a minor. former 49er bruce miller made a court appearance today in san francisco. he is facing several fell -- seven felony counts for attacking two people at fisherman's wharf. miller said he couldn't talk about the case. the 29-year-old was ordered to appear for an arraignment in two months. you're watching the ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. our top story a bill on governor jerry brown's desk would give felons serving time in county jails a right to vote in california election. >> now, the felons that write from state to state. new at 6:00 tonight, leigh martinez in our newsroom, looking at how the change might affect the outcome of elections. leigh? >> reporter: that's


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